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Also known as the eyeshadow palettes worth your money.

I’m known as The Pink Tarha who owns a lot of makeup. And by that I mean a fully-stocked IKEA Helmer drawer unit, with a few more overflowing to my home office desk. One of the drawers is filled with eyeshadow palettes that I have collected over the years. Eyeshadow palettes are something I don’t want to splurge on; I’d rather save up my money for a really good foundation but I cannot deny the allure of eyeshadow palettes. In my eyes, their vibrant colors, shimmery effects and buttery textures give so much life to a makeup look. That’s why I only really spend on palettes that I have researched on. I do not want to waste my money on makeup that’s why I read a lot of reviews and watch a lot of Youtube gurus before committing to a certain product. That’s why I’m sharing to you my set of eyeshadows palettes that are truly worth spending money on. In my opinion, this list contains palettes that garner 4 to 5 stars in terms of color scheme, texture, pigmentation, and longevity. They’re the best among the rest! (Well, in terms of my palette collection, that is, haha!)

1. Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills

 This palette is top shelf material. It’s the best eyeshadow palette in the market today and everyone will tell you so. This berry-toned eyeshadow palette has garnered praises ever since it was launched a year ago. It gives Renaissance colors a modern, updated twist. The 14 shades are enough to create looks from day to night. It has safe colors for office wear and deep colors for a night about town. I had to wait for the third re-stock of this palette mainly because I was still saving up for it and also, it ran out quickly. I had to wait for the official Anastasia Beverly Hills website to stock it again before I ordered it. I paid USD 42 (approx. SR 159) for the palette plus USD 17.95 (approx. 68.21) for international shipping. I had to get it online because Sephora KSA was probably the last store on earth to carry it, haha. (Nowadays, you can find the palette in store for SR 230.) The wait was truly worth it though. Honestly, every time I use this palette, I feel confident and fierce especially when it’s a combination of my favorite shades. The eyeshadows are buttery but have a little bit of kick back. They glide smoothly and they’re super pigmented! They also blend easily and effortlessly.

Favorite Shades in the Palette: Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Red Ochre, and Venetian Red
Price: SR 230
Where To Buy: / Sephora stores /

2. Eye-conic Multi-Finish by Marc Jacobs

When I received this palette, I thought I won’t like it. It’s expensive for just seven shades. And they’re not even in big pans. I was pleasantly surprised with the sleekness of the Eye-conic palette. Its black and smooth surface is gorgeous: the eyeshadows inside are so elegant. They’re available in six colorways: Scandalust, Glambition, Provocouture, Frivoluxe, Smartorial and Edgitorial. I have the Scandalust palette, which is one of the most popular palette because the its warm colors of  suit any skin tone. Edgitorial is in my wish list. The palette has a mixture of finishes: velvets, satins, silks and metals. They’re all buttery and creamy… so luxurious to use. They also put a nice touch in naming the eyeshadows in the palette; if you read them from left to right, you’ll be reading a short poem. Cool! The eyeshadows are also long-lasting. However, I find the oval mirror too small and narrow. The price is also a turn-off but if you’re all for designer stuff, then this eyeshadow palette is a must in your collection.

Favorite Shades in the Palette: Cause a Fuss, That’s Why, They Call Her, Scandalous
Price: SR 225
Where To Buy: Sephora stores /

3. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar by Too Faced

I was obsessed in getting the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette for a long, long time. Until my good friend gifted me with the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. I wanted to exchange it for the Chocolate Bar but more research about these two convinced me to keep the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar instead. It’s a deeper, warmer version of the original Chocolate Bar which has cooler-toned eyeshadows. The Semi-Sweet palette is more suitable for medium to dark skin tones. I love the scent of chocolate while using this palette. Of course, the 16 antioxidant-rich cocoa powder-infused shadows in mattes and shimmers don’t hurt also. They’re all so fab! I love the mix of caramels, mochas, and the pop of blueberry in the palette. The nudes can be used for every day makeup while the shimmers and deeper colors can create glam looks. The pigmentation is also amazing!

Favorite Shades in the Palette: Rum Raisin, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Blueberry Swirl
Price: SR 265
Where To Buy: Sephora stores /

4. Naked by Urban Decay

The most iconic palettes are by Urban Decay. These are the holy grails years ago. So far, Urban Decay has released 3 Naked palettes plus the Naked Smoky, Naked Ultimate Basics, and Naked Heat. Don’t believe those offering Naked 4 or 5… they don’t exist yet. Each palette contains 12 shades. Anyway, years ago, I was also obsessed into getting them. I had a few fails in buying dupes until finally, I got a spankin’ brand new and authentic Naked3 palette. I bought it from the Hon Kong International Airport. My good friend Jamila gave me the Naked2 palette which she bought in Malaysia. And just months ago, I managed to acquire the Naked Smoky. All the palettes live up to the hype. Everything one needs to come up with a look is within the palette. They’re a bit powdery but the color and pigmentations pay off so well. The texture is velvety and the colors are rich. They blend so well and has quite the staying power. I have no eagerness to get the Naked1 but if you’ll give me one… thanks! Haha! Seriously, I think having 3 of the Naked palettes is enough. But the Heat looks soooo good… haha.

Favorite Shades in the Palette: Chopper & Snakebite from Naked2, Nooner & Blackheart from Naked3, Whiskey & Smolder from Naked Smoky
Price: SR 245
Where To Buy: Urban Decay store in Hayat Mall / Sephora stores /

5. Cocoa Blend by Zoeva

I am really addicted to sweet things am I? Haha! First, the Chocolate Bar of Too Faced, and now the Cocoa Blend of Zoeva. And I’m also very fond of warm colors because they really suit my skin tone and so it’s not a surprise that I also love the Cocoa Blend of Zoeva; it’s filled with warm truffle tones with notes of delicate nougat hues and shimmery marzipan shades, bathed in rich and full of depth chocolate (I borrowed this from their description because they sound so yummy! haha!). Finishes include matte, satin, metallic, duo chrome, pearl, and matte with glitter. Apart from the creamy application and high pigment of the eyeshadows, I also love how thin the palette is. I’d love to try the other Zoeva palettes next. The Caramel Melange looks smoldering and the

Favorite Shades in the Palette: Warm Notes, Freshly Toasted, and Delicate Acidity
Price: SR 112
Where To Buy:

So these are my highly-recommended palettes. I’ve tried and tasted them over the past few months and I can truly say that they work wonders! Of course, their prices are steep but they are a few of those things that are worth their price tag. Also, don’t fret because I’ll be coming up with a list of palettes that are not that high-end and will save you a few bucks. You can also go to the stores mentioned above so you can do some swatches before buying them. Remember that it’s a lot of money to splurge on a “thing” so make sure it works for you greatly. Not just pwede na. If you have any makeup list that you want us to come up with, just comment! 😉

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