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It looks like I’ve got a back log on my folder about all the steak houses I’ve been to in the last three months or so that I may have to “speak steak” for my next two to three entries in the blog. I definitely need to share the information and insight thus, here’s the kick off to another year of blogging. Say hello to Texas de Brazil!

It is one of the bustling restaurants in the always crowded Rubeen Plaza, where you can get unlimited meat and salad for 159 SAR per person (drinks and 5% VAT not included). It is inspired by the grilling methods of the guachos (cowboys) of Southern Brazil and cooked with good ol’ Texan meat from the USA. As you enter the restaurant, you will feel the swarming of waiters carrying grill sticks around, armed with chunks of meat, chicken or shrimp. They are sighting the tables as they pass by, looking for the green marker signify a customer’s desire for more meats to come their way.

They have an area for open seating and another for booths.

We were ushered to our table, near the salad area where guests can also avail of unlimited access too. Our server oriented us on how to order and what we could expect. He taught us how to use the all-important coaster: flip to the green side of “Sim” if you want the meats to keep coming and then flip to the red side of “Nao” if you want to take a break or stop getting your plate filled altogether. They served us with some complimentary Pao de Quijos (Brazilian cheese bread) along with their housemade mashed potatoes and fried plantains. That cheese bread was so soft and cheesy at the same time, it went so well with one of their gravy dips. My first bite was off to a good start. We then went to the salad bar to make our meal more balanced. 😉

The colors of Brazil.

A buffet of salad options.

Including Arabic recipes.

And even sushi!

Pao de Quijos – we can’t get enough of you!

I can eat this all day.

The variety of their meats came in beef, chicken, lamb, sausage and prawns. Here are your options:


Filet mignon

Filet mignon wrapped in beef bacon

Braised beef ribs

Brazilian picanha

Signature garlic-marinated picanha

Flank steak



Chicken breast wrapped in turkey bacon

Crispy parmesan rrumettes


Lamb chops

Slow-roasted leg of lamb


Beef sausage



We had the green light going for a good thirty minutes. Servers flanked our table with the latest grills out of the kitchen, hot and juicy. As Joey from the TV show Friends once said, “Bring on the meat sweats!”

Many of the servers were “kabayans”.

Slices of flank steak and chicken wrapped in turkey bacon.

These sexy braised beef ribs…..oh la la!

That crispy outer skin, that juicy fat and that tender meat…..If I can marry a steak, this would be the one.

Dipping sauces from chimichuri, chili oil, gravy, and caramelized onions.

Here’s to helping things “tea” down a bit.

Cheesecake for dessert.

The best bets for me were the braised beef ribs (winner!), Filet Mignon wrapped in beef bacon, the chicken breast wrapped in turkey bacon, the slow-roasted leg of lamb aaand the prawns (last two were not photographed). My expert advice is to dine in right after prayer time so that the meats coming at you are fresh and hot…first dibs, if you will. Also, maximize the salad bar as their options are vast and delicious. The only thing that drew me back a little bit about the experience is how expensive the drinks were. They were 20+ SR for a small glass of drinks and if I am to enjoy unlimited meat, I’m going to need more than a regular glass worth of drinks.

Passion fruit drink

A strawberry-flavored drink (forgot the name).

This is the best drink I could pair with our meat overload. HOT TEA!

Nonetheless, Texas de Brazil suits diners who love the hustle and bustle around them, with a festive crowd and upbeat ambiance. The service is very attentive and hey, if you can shell out as much as 159 SR per person – you are getting a lot of value for your money. Just make sure you bring your inner carnivore with you.

Texas De Brazil

Rubeen Plaza, Exit 2

Opening Hours: 12PM-12AM

Tel: 011-2111850




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