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For the second steak restaurant I am featuring this month, we have Riyadh’s snazzy Sultan’s Steakhouse located at the prime lot of The Boulevard in Hittin district.

The brand began in Jeddah with a menu that’s influenced by Turkish recipes but with a broad selection of extravagant meats. What initially captures your senses upon entering Sultan’s Steakhouse is its remarkable interiors. It is, for me, the lovely marriage of rustic and elegant. Wooden oak tables, marbled floors, metallic gold linings, and a sprinkle of green flora. Their in-house deli is front and center at the entrance and behind it are the busy cooks creating sizzling sounds and making grills breathe smoke. At night, the artsy light fixtures act like stars in its dim ambiance and evening background from its tall, glass windows. I’ve been here twice already, the first being in the evening and it is really a lively and bustling establishment. On one hand you have the dashing Turkish waiters (which I heard is one of the reasons why this restaurant is so popular) serving tables back and forth, and then there’s the live cooking demonstrations where flames flare out from either corner of the dining floor. The bar area is a’clinkin’ and the guests are dressed to impress.

Entering the main dining room.

Take a seat.

You can handpick your meat from their deli.

One of the live cooks looking like a jazz player.

Flambé away!

For this visit, I was there for a luncheon courtesy of the press event of the Fairmont Quasar Hotel of Istanbul, where they presented their new hotel to the members of the media. I was glad that this was happening in broad daylight because it meant I could take better photos (since my last visit was at night time). I met Ms. Esin Sungur, Director of Marketing and Communications for Fairmont Quasar and the rest of the table enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with a lavish lunch.

Here’s what I ordered:

These side orders come iclusive with the steak order: spinach puree, baked potato or Sultan’s homemade fries.

I had the New York steak on medium. Sparesly sprinkled salt on top seems to be a Turkish habit. #SaltBae

Look at that beauty! <3 New York Steak, 300-350 grams 199SR

My New York Steak’s meat was cooked just the way I had wanted it. The grill marks on it were spot on and the meat was rested and juicy. The rest of their menu showcases an extensive (and expensive) selection of meat. For Beef Fillet, they have the Lokum Veal Tender Fillet, Beef Fillet Mignon, Shashlik (beef cubes marinated with onion) and Sultan’s Special (select cuts). For their Dry-Aged Cut Specialty menu, they have the Entrecot (196SR), Bone-in Veal Chops (228SR), Dallas Steak (249SR), T-Bone Steak (269SR), and XXXLarge Porter House Steak (447SR). For the Lamb Cuts, you can choose from the Lamb Chops (119SR), Lamb Fillet (164SR), Whole Lamb Shoulder 800 grams (479SR) and Sultan’s Kafes (a full rack of lamb) (449SR).  If those prizes don’t make you dizzy, the cholesterol from all the meat might do the trick.

Strawberry mojito is refreshing as usual. At night time, they’d add sparklers to this drink making it fun.

Dessert is on its way.

Pistachio baklava with ice cream.

Baklava is a classic Turkish dessert, normally doused in sugar syrup. The layers of pastry were delicate, the pistachio crumble gave it texture and the vanilla ice cream gave it a clean finish. Perfect with some hot tea. I’m sure they had some other Turkish deligh somewhere but since I was already full to the brim, this slice was more than enough. It was assembled one by one by the servers on our plates by the way.

Sultan’s Steakhouse suits those looking for a fancy night out in a restaurant with posh decor and almost live entertainment with its cooking. The waiters are ultra friendly and were sharp about remembering my orders. You definitely need to have money to spare when dining here as it can break the bank if you didn’t know it. It’s also a great space to host formal functions, especially with international guests looking for a touch of culture. They have a second floor with a more secluded section and they do welcome bookings. For the regular diners, make sure you call in to RSVP before going there because it can get quite full especially on the weekends. While the weather is still cool, you can also enjoy their outdoor dining with portable heaters to keep you toasty. After all that, you can stroll along the rest of the plaza of The Boulevard before calling it a night.

Have a big gathering in al fresco dining.

Imagine this at night.

While yes, times are hard and we can ask ourselves if do we really need to spend 500SR for a steak dinner for two? Honestly, there are other steak houses that offer steaks as good as theirs at a less expensive price. Don’t get me wrong, their steaks are exquisite and and would surely be in my Top 5 steaks in Riyadh but I suppose the other majority of its allure is based on its glitz and glamour as an energetic and upscale place to be. Perhaps a special occasion will warrant your visit to Sultan’s Steakhouse some time soon.

Sultan’s Steakhouse

Along The Boulevard

Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd,

Hittin, Riyadh 13513

Call for reservations: 011 417 7885

Open from 1PM to 12AM.

Location Map:

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