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My steak streak continues as I dish out on the new steak restaurants that are popping up in the city. Next in line for quite a bit of an overdue post was my visit to Porterhouse a few months back. (I know, my backlog of articles to write only goes to show how much I need to catch up).

A strip full of restaurants were blooming along Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Road, prior heading straight to the streets of Tahlia. Porterhouse is one of them. On our succeeding date night, hubby and I decided to try it out.

I called in earlier that night to reserve a table after Maghrib prayer and by then, we had stepped in their classy dining set up of brown leathers, tall ceilings and dim lights. It is now common for restaurants to play light house music and the pop playlist that night was just right up our alley. Overall vibe: elegant and intimate.

Our waiter had us seated and presented us with the menu. Porterhouse proudly serves their in-house, dry-aged meat for 21 days that’s grilled over wood and charcoal. They have mostly Australian Angus Beef, a few cuts from the Wagyu family and a choice of Canadian Angus Hanger Steak. Since we’re dining there, we decided to go with their namesake item, the dry-aged Australian Angus Porterhouse that’s good for two.For starters, I ordered some gazpacho and my husband went on to order some shrimp tacos.

Shrimp Tacos, 79SR

Gazpacho, 36SR.

At first, the waiter had misheard my order of Gazpacho and brought us Wagyu Carpaccio instead. To appease us of his mistake, he made one of the appetizers complimentary instead. Honest mistake, Carpaccio can really be heard as Gazpacho. As for the taste, the shrimp tacos were crunchy and flavorful and that tiny sliver of chili on top did stir the tastebuds a bit. I had intentionally ordered the gazpacho to refresh my mouth from the plate of meat that was about to come our way.

Our flat lay of starters.

Up next was our main course of a huge plate of porterhouse steak! When the menu said it was good for two, it wasn’t lying.


Dry-aged Australian Porterhouse Steak, 385SR

Choose your sauce: Chimichurri, Pepper, Mushroom Ketchup Entercote, Horseradish Cream or Date BBQ

The steak came in sliced in huge chunks already to help us eat easily. Now I know that price tag may have your pupils a bit dilated, I mean, ours did too. But take note that this was already good for two people, maybe even three if you’re not big eaters. By all means, it was a well-cooked piece of meat, medium to our liking. It was seasoned well and portions were more than enough. It is an art to cook T-bone steaks properly because of how it’s cut and the science behind dry-aged beef is also considered to be an elevated technique, as it allows more flavor to seep into the meat and also makes it more tender. While it appears to be expensive, we have to consider the careful attention to detail that goes behind the preparation of such a dish in such a restaurant.

Dark Chocolate Souffle, 37SR

When we got our menu earlier, I already had my eye on this item as it was mentioned there that you need to order it 30 minutes in advance if you wanted this because of the preparation time needed. Obviously, it was baked fresh and as with any dessert I have, I pair it always with a cup of green tea. Upon our first scoop, the rest of the cake did collapse from the middle as it should. I did like it as a regular souffle, I’m just not convinced that it was dark chocolate-y enough.

Service-wise, I really liked how professional they were, especially when they handled the error in our order. It delivers what is expected of an upscale establishment should. It may or may not be your go-to place for a steak fix, but if you happen to be bringing along VIPs or special guests along, then Porterhouse is an easy pitch.


Porterhouse Riyadh

3607 Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd,

As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12223,

Saudi Arabia

T: +966 11 217 0088

Open from 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM



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