The Supreme Steaks of 7 Ribs

I’ve probably saved the best for last. I’ve been on a steak streak (writing-wise) in most of my last food entries and it’s only right that I’m writing about 7 Ribs at this point.

I’ve already eaten here about six times by now and while we did social media postings on it during our visits, this restaurant most definitely deserves to be immortalized in a feature on our blog forever. Sounds like I’m patronizing them, huh? But for good reason! They have the best ribs and steak that I’ve ever tasted in Riyadh – clear and simple. I could just end this article right there but of course, I won’t. The term 7 Ribs normally refers to the number of ribs found in a standing rib roast but I can’t say for sure if that’s the reason why they named the place that.

The menu.

Their menu is one scroll only, and that already includes drinks. For those who don’t like lengthy menus with too many options, then you’re in luck because at 7 Ribs, they only serve three types of meat: Brisket, Rib Eye and Short Ribs. That’s it!  You can choose from three side dishes of either french fries, sweet potatoes and coleslaw. They make their sauces in-house and comes in the Kansas City style red sauce and the mustard-based yellow sauce (my preference). Drinks come in water, sodas and non-alcoholic beer. Their prices are very reasonable and for the quality of food that you’re getting, it’s worth every halala.

Inside the restaurant.

The restaurant itself is minimalistic as well. It welcomes you with a cabin lodge vibe with its open kitchen as its focal point. Families and singles are segregated by a makeshift wall of axed logs but both can watch with wonder as the heaps of meat are unwrapped and sliced, as if it were centerstage. Meanwhile, the bathrooms have a very industrial feel tho. It is run by a group of Saudi brothers, if I am not mistaken, and this concept of theirs seem to be paying off quite well. The line for the men’s section is always full, sometimes for the family section too.

Where the magic happens. A small balcony on top is a fancy hangout for the owners, I guess.

They may not have an extensive menu, but for what they lack in options, they make up for in quality and taste. If you think about it, it’s better to have a few items and make them excellent rather than a lot of food that’s only so-so. At least that’s the motto I’m getting from them. Each bundle of meat is cooked craftily for hours using a smoker and I don’t know where their meat is from originally but I tell you it becomes this tender and juicy meat packed with flavor and easily melts in your mouth and can lead you to a food coma soon after. When we first ate it, words of profanity came out of our mouths. When you hear me curse over a delicious piece of meat with matching triple taps on the table — that is a great indicator of amazing food. That was the case for me and our friend Jou, that is.

Just look at them:

That RIB! Rawr. 

The Brisket. In it’s full glory.

Their resident butcher, Salahuddin, cuts all the meat. Yes, alam na namin name niya.

The brisket is a leaner type of meat but just as tender. Great with the red BBQ sauce. Also, we can’t get enough of those sweet potato fries!

Rib Eyeeee! (Saying it like an Oprah giveaway). It takes less than 10 minutes to be served and they only cook it medium.

This coleslaw is made fresh, with apples, cabbage and carrots. It’s not to be ignored.

While their meats are awesome and the restaurant is very nice, there are a few caveats to it. First is its location. It is quite far from the city center where we live, around 30 minutes away. Not that we mind the long drive but if I were taking a Careem/Uber to go there, it would take me more or less a hundred riyals for transpo alone. Again, it’s not a total deal breaker but it’s something we factor in when deciding to go. It is nice when Janelle’s husband drives us though. #freeride Lastly, it’s their opening hours. They are only open from 8PM to 12 midnight daily. I don’t know if that’s because they prepare the meat so meticulously but that timing too, can put a dent on one’s schedule. Other than that, if you are a true-bloodied carnivore, then 7 Ribs is something you should not miss!

7 Ribs

Anas Bin Malik Rd, Al Malqa

No reservations

Open daily: 8:00 PM to 12:00 midnight ONLY

Instagram: @7ribs

Location Map:

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