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Who thought Models Own has a makeup line? I’m one of those who thought they only do nail polishes especially when they came up with their nail polish bottle stores in Riyadh a few years ago. Those are super cute! Plus, it’s hot pink so I’m naturally drawn to it. I had a couple of Models Own nail polishes and they were okay. What really had my heart pumping was seeing their store in Riyadh Gallery with a lot of makeup! They eyeshadow palettes were so eye-catching; the colors look super pigmented and the combinations were varied. A lot of eye makeup looks can be done in one palette. However, it’s their face palette that I got to try first.

When they went on sale, I picked up their Sculpt & Glow Contour Palette and Rock N Rosy Blusher Palette. One is Contour, the other is a Blusher/Highlighter. Bot look so divine in their decorative boxes and white cases!

The Sculpt & Glow Contour Palette promises to contour and define. It’s an all-in-one palette that suits all skin tones. One palette has a blusher, highlighter and bronzer! It’s an all-around palette that’s easy to bring any where. It has four sets to choose from and it’s pretty easy to choose which one is suitable for your skin tone because their names go like this: “Fair To Light”, “Light to Medium”, “Medium to Tan” and “Tan to Deep” so you know basically which range your skin tone lies. I am a “Medium to Tan” and this is the palette for me:

I love the “Sculpt” and “Afterglow” powders in this palette the most. The bronzer gives me a sculpted cheekbone without going too orange or too brown. It’s just the right warmth and color. The “Afterglow” is a blush that goes well with the bronzer’s color. It gives a nice sweep of peach to the cheeks. Together, they give a tropical, summery look. The highlight doesn’t show on my face as much as I want it to. I didn’t fret though because to the rescue is another palette that elevates the “rosy” description further.

The Rock N Rosy Blush Palette promises to give color and shine. This blush and highlighter palette is a mix of three shimmer colors that has a creamy formula that goes on smooth and even and radiant on the skin. I picked the palette with more pinks on it. I know pinks are mostly for fair-skinned people but I wanted to try because who knows? It might work on mine too! And it did! I was telling my friend Jamila what a highlighter can do to one’s face and to encourage her to try it, we both picked up this palette not knowing it was meant to be more of a blush than a highlighter but believe me, it does highlight!!!

Sugarspice is a powder that gives a soft but shimmery finish. Sherbet is a deeper pink powder blush. Slipper is my favorite; it’s a shimmery cream that goes on smooth and doesn’t emphasize the texture on my face. I usually put Slipper first and then Sugarspice for a vivid glow. Come through glowy honey! The thing is, they might have discontinued this product already. I can’t see it in their website anymore.

This is me putting both palettes to use. The contour palette gives a soft, natural sculpted look unless piled on and you want your contour really snatched. I am wearing it to work so there should be nothing too drastic for my makeup. Haha. I love the blusher palette because it does what it said it will do: color, illuminate and glow! If I’m not under the direct sun, it’s just a subtle nice blush but when the sun rays hit my face… BAM! My cheekbones lit up! Can you see that?!? Hahaha. Anyway, it sure does work! I hope the astronauts in space see that beam alright. Haha.

Not sure what their usual prices are because I got these palettes on sale, when they were down to around SR 69 each.

Product Name: Sculpt & Glow and Rock N Rosy Palettes

Brand: Models Own

Price: SR 100+ (regular price)

Where To Buy: Model’s Own (Riyadh Gallery)

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