Bring All the Boys to the (Ribs) Yard

Not just boys, but everyone! I’m just quoting from the song Milkshake by Kelis because apparently, I’m losing my streak in writing for good introduction. Haha. Ever since I had the idea of writing a review for newly-opened Ribs Yard, I had this song going on and on on my mind. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, it’s better than yours! See? LSS. It’s because of the “yard” obviously and yup, here we are. Anyway, this is all about Ribs Yard. We’ve seen this restaurant when it was on its early days in Riyadh. There’s this new strip near Chili’s in front of the Saudi Consulting building that’s filled with new cafes and restaurants. It’s where Draft is, one of the trendiest coffeeshops in the city. We’ve been waiting for Ribs Yard to open because we’re excited on what it can offer Riyadh, a city where people are mainly carnivores, haha, who like eating meat. Fine, fine meats.

It’s OPEN!

Ribs Yard started in Amman, Jordan in 2014. It’s a casual restaurant that serves a variety of beef dishes from ribs to steaks. They import their meat from reputable farms in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. They take pride in bringing the highest quality of graded beef that is produced from a limited breed of cattle that is pampered. You know what we mean right? Those that are fed a balanced diet of grass and grain and not treated with hormones. Cows wit special treatment! Haha. Ribs Yard is now bringing their high quality food at modest prices (take note, not cheap) to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with the opening of their first branch in Suleimania.

Where the meat is.

Let’s go and find out if this meaty adventure is worth it.

The family section

Steaks and cowboys… it’s a mainstream theme in steakhouses. The interiors of Ribs Yard scream the same. It’s a homey, warm restaurant that invites diners to come and satisfy both their taste buds and their tummies. We inserted ourselves in their tiny elevator to go to the family section upstairs. Kim, our intern, quipped “they’re serving lions too!” My husband and I looked at her with question marks in our faces. She pointed to the sign on the door which said “tenderlion” We laughed out loud. Well, this restaurant is unique on that matter. We chose a booth section in the empty floor and proceeded wit our orders.

Open area, good lighting and minimal but good accent pieces on the wall.

Booth area in an elevated space

The Dallas Share Platter is composed of their well-known starters: Owl Hoot Onion Rings, Chicken Wings Hooks, Chicken Tenders and Fried Mozzarella. All of which are fried to crisp perfection. I specially like the wings even though it has nothing spectacular to it. But that’s what starters are for. To get us ready for the main courses. The flavors of the fried appetizers are subtle and nothing special; I didn’t even finish my mozzarella sticks.

Starters, SR 45

Fried goodness and their dips. I like the blue cheese dip.

Up next is our order of their Jim’s Rib-Eye Steak. We always order our steak medium. Not too uncooked and not too cooked; just perfect. I was pleasantly surprised with their Rib-Eye Steak. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. It was a visual treat with its grill marks, glistening meat and a generous trimming of fat. the meat is tender, succulent and soft. The knife cut through it like butter. It’s flavorful that I almost didn’t want to use the mushroom sauce it came with. I liked this better than their ribs.

One juicy steak please!

Rib-Eye Steak, SR 140+

Their Ace High Short Ribs at 400+ grams is not to be missed though. The ribs, kissed by fire, rubbed with dry ingredients and layered with barbecue sauce, is thick and hefty. The first thing I noticed when I cut into it is that the inside looked a bit dry; I can see each string of meat and the sauce is thin. There’s an extra BBQ sauce on the side though so we drowned the meat on it to lend some moisture. We weren’t that impressed with the ribs. Of course for a restaurant to be named after “ribs” we thought they will excel at it.

Their pride, Short Ribs, SR 120+

Closerrr. They also have back ribs.

They have ample sides to go along with their main courses, mostly potato ones though. We were disappointed with their fries; they were cold and stale, no crunch and no hot, soft insides. Their mashed potato was good though. It was creamy and tasty. The vegetables were scant but were crisp. We paired our food with Pepsi that was priced at SR 13. They brought a bottle of Pepsi in our table and we were shocked. I mean, SR 13 for a small bottle of Pepsi? Good thing, the waiter clarified it. We can order as much as we want and they will give us another bottle. It was “bottomless”. Of course we can’t go past two bottles; it’s just that with SR 13 for cola, you’d really think you’ll get more of it right?

I mean, SR 13?! Are you a Litro or what? Turns out we can order another if we want to.

The Ribs Yard is a good place to try new steaks, especially if you’re looking for a new steak house. It has a classy and tasteful interiors that matched with their classic, comfort food. They don’t offer the best steak and ribs in Riyadh but they’re up there with the good ones. Their meat creations are delightful and it’s a good place to indulge with families and friends. With its location, you can also go to the nearby cafes to get sweet meal-enders.

Ribs Yard

8214 Ibn Rayyan As Sulimaniyah

Riyadh 12223 Saudi Arabia

T: +966-11-234-4188



IG: @ribsyardksa


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