Curry and Kebab Night at The Ritz

Hello Riyadhizens, it’s been a while. I did miss writing for the blog and I attribute it to some form of writer’s block that happens from time to time. Fortunately, an invitation to experience the Curry and Kebab Night at the Al Orjouan Restaurant of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Riyadh managed to spark my fingers back to the keyboard.

Last night, we were treated to a variety of Indian cuisine and experiences. All the while, I thought we were already well-versed with Indian food but surprisingly, we learned a new thing or two from our dinner at The Ritz last night. The first of which was the traditional welcome at the entrance of the restaurant, wherein our hands were dabbed with drops of scented water and asked to rub them together, wipe them off with a white cloth and allow the scent of the burning incense to come over us.

A greeting that brought a smile to our faces.

As we walk into the hall of the restaurant, each side have two kinds of welcome drinks ready. One is the famous Lassi and the other is the equally popular, Chai Masala. The Lassi is served in Pineapple and Coconut flavors and is poured into an ice-cold glass for us to enjoy. Meanwhile, the Chai Masala is a mixture of various spices mixed with milk and hot tea.

Lassi please.

I’ll have my Chai Masala later. 🙂

We head on to the dinig area to run our eyes over the number of dishes that they have prepared. The staples are surely there, like the Chicken Biryani, Papadums and Dal. But of course, the highlight of this theme night are the curries and kebabs. So let’s have a go-see of what they have served:

The salad choices were infused with Indian ingredients and spices.

Most of the kebabs and curries were served here.

Where the flavors come to life: the grilling spot.

Beef Tandoori Kebabs

Chicken Tikka Kebabs

Fish Kebabs — one of my favorites.

Grilled Prawns – Janelle and her husband enjoyed these.

Vegetables in spices.

Butter Chicken! Our go-to curry.

Chettinad Chicken Curry

I tasted a little of everything.

And some Dal too, of course (another favorite of mine).

The grills were delicious. I especially liked the fish option because I’m so used to having chicken or beef type of kebabs already so that was something I don’t often get to eat. The fish had the zest of lemons coupled with the rich spices that cuddled it all over. Janelle and Alfred went for seconds for the grilled prawns and the char from the grill only intensified the prawn’s natural flavor.

For the curries, we liked the Butter Chicken but missed the Nan as its accompaniment. I also tried their Chicken Biryani and it was just okay. What wow-ed us later on were the new Indian dishes that we have never gotten to try until last night. I’ve got to say, I am officially OBSSESSED with Panipuri!

At first I thought, what are these balls for?

Panipuri served with tamarind/mint water separately.

We also had Panipuri with the tamarind and mint sauces mixed inside.

These little nuggets pleasantly surprised my palate with the burst of flavors and textures all in one big bite. Inside were small slices of onions, tomatoes, chaat masala, mashed potatoes and a piece of chickpea or two.  I can’t believe I’ve lived the last three decades of my life without Panipuri! I have been enlightened, ladies and gentlemen.

A taste of Pav.

Another new dish that we were able to try was the Pav, which for us, was like a deconstructed burger sandwich, Indian-style. The buns are lathered in a little butter and the grilled meat in spices and what looks like tomato paste is topped on the bun for every bite. It was flavorful but a little on the salty side.

Live cooking station for Dosa.

Dosa is served.

Dosa is normally a breakfast dish. The pancake is made from fermented butter and envelopes a dollop of potatoes with some dipping sauces on the side. It’s light and filling at the same time.

Sweets of India.

Rasgulla and Meetha Tukda

Varieties of Gulab Jamun

There was no shortage on Indian desserts as well as there were numerous options. However, I don’t think we had enough space for them anymore so instead, we settled for our glasses of Chai Masala.

Our way of sealing the night.

It’s always nice to discover something new, especially in something we’re already familiar with like Indian food. The service was very well done and we appreciate how the staff accommodated our questions and explained some of the dishes to us so that we can have an idea of what it’s like. Their themed-uniforms also added to the flair of the evening.

The Curry and Kebab Nights of Al Orjouan Restaurant of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Riyadh is happening every Wednesday from 7:00PM to 12:00 midnight. The buffet rate is at 295 SAR per person and 145 SAR per child, inclusive of beverages and subject to 5% VAT.

For reservations, you may call 011-802-8333.

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