Weird Beauty Tools?

Welcome to another Beauty Bets entry, beautyholics of Riyadh! So, what is the weirdest beauty tools that you have in your arsenal? Well, I have some quirky ones but I assure you, there’s nothing super weird in my collection. They might look weird, with one of them being described by my husband as a “spoon” lol, but they’re effective. They do their job well as far as I’m concerned. Otherwise, I won’t be seeing them in my shelf anymore. So, here’s some of the “weird beauty tools” that I’m using for my skincare and makeup routine.

1. Miracle Diamond Sponge by Real Techniques

What: This multi-faceted Miracle Diamond Sponge is designed to work with multiple products on different areas of your face. No two sponges are alike – each has it own unique swirl design.
Price: SR 40
Where To Buy: iHerb, Whites Pharmacy

Do you have a Beauty Blender? I do! But I also love the dupe of it from real Techniques which is the Miracle Sponge. The orange beauty sponge is a staple in my beauty dresser. A few years back, Real Techniques came up with the Miracle Diamond Sponge which is the same material as the Miracle Sponge but is shaped like, what else, a diamond with gray swirls. I thought it really looked beautiful but it also seemed ridiculous to me as pointed sponges with flat sides might not do anything good to my skin. After all, our face is not pointed nor flat. Out of curiosity, I bought this from iHerb when it went on sale. I’m quite surprised. It worked well like the oval Miracle Sponge. It buffed and blended foundation nicely. The smaller flat sides fit the area around the eyes, mouth and brow bone and the pointed tip works great on specific small areas (like pimples we need to cover up). Also, once the sponge is damp, it didn’t really matter how pointed or flat it was. It becomes soft and bouncy. Best used for liquid and cream products.

2. Sonic Foundation Brush  by Clarisonic

What: A brush head that uses patented oscillation technology to generate more than 18,000 micro-blends per minute, gently providing flawless, full foundation coverage in 60 seconds or less.
Price: USD 39
Where To Buy: US stores shipped via Shop & Ship

What’s weird with a Clarisonic brush you may ask? Well, nothing if you use it for facial cleaning. But if it’s a brush attached to your Clarisonic tool that is used for putting on foundation, it’s a bit weird isn’t it? That’s what the Sonic Foundation Brush is. Youtube beauty guru Tati swears by this so much that when Reina went to the US, I asked her to buy this for me. Although I didn’t find it as WOW as Tati finds it, I enjoyed using this. I felt like with the power of the Clarisonic tool, my face is also being massaged while I’m putting my foundation on. At first use, the Sonic Brush creates streaks so I needed to work it in harder so the product blends better into my skin. Eventually, I got into the swing of things and whenever I use this, it applies my foundation like a dream. I like that since it fits my Clarisonic Mia 2, I can adjust the speed so it applies according to my preferences. It’s suitable for any type of skin.

3. Elite Oval 7 Brush by Artis

What: Offering a fibre bundle about the size and shape of the apple of the cheek, the Oval 7 is the perfect multi-tasking brush for seamless application and blending of foundation, bronzer and setting powder to the face.
Price: USD 62
Where To Buy: Artis (+USD 25 shipping fee), Online Stores

So this is the tool that my husband describes as the “spoon”. He found this in our bed one time with the back showing and he called me to ask me what a “spoon” is doing in our bed. I cannot contain my laughter. I showed the front to him and I told him it’s a makeup brush and I don’t think his manly brain could grasp it. Haha. At first, I was also skeptical of this brush. It’s not only spoon-like. It’s also very expensive. For USD 62, I only get this one brush! Even though I watched Youtubers say good things about it, I’m still doubtful until I gave into buying it for myself and became a believer. Artis brushes have a double oval design that’s exclusively patented by Artis. Their brushes come in different sizes for different products but if you’re like me: new to the brush and can only pick one because my budget says so, the Oval 7 is the perfect size. It can be used with liquid, cream, and powder products from foundation, concealer, highlight, blush, bronzer, and even skincare products. Their brush fibers are so closely-packed that when I used this for the first time, it felt so different from any brush that I’ve ever used. But I tell you, this changed my life. Haha. It’s so easy to use. No need for blending to get a flawless application of foundation (I mostly use this for foundation). It saves me time and energy! It’s AMAZING!

4. Jade Roller by AfterSpa

What: The Jade Facial Roller is a tool that has been a cornerstone in ancient beauty regimens for its incredible ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while toning and contouring.
Price: SR 50.41
Where To Buy: iHerb

If you’re not into stones, you’ll find this skincare tool weird. However, if you know the therapeutic properties of stones, then this one’s for you. The jade stone is known for its healing properties and it has long been known as the symbol to purification and tranquility. Jade rollers are not new; a lot of people have added it as part of their beauty regimen. It was my first time to see them during my trip to Vietnam and I’m so frustrated that I didn’t buy them there. I had to go to iHerb and buy it there so I can try it. At first I find it silly rolling this tool in my face but as minutes ticked by, I can actually feel my face relax from the cooling effect of the roller. It’s said to reduce the puffiness of the face and tighten pores. It’s also used to toning and contouring and for the easier absorption of products into the skin. Now, I only have been using this for a week before I went on a trip so I can’t review it as thorough as possible yet. I can just say though that I enjoy using it in giving my face a calming massage (I love massages!).

So there you go! What’s the weirdest, or most unusual, beauty tool that you have?

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