New Insta-Worthy Cafés in Riyadh

There’s a sudden boom of coffeeshops and cafes in Riyadh. It’s not surprising because coffee is pretty much a staple drink and it will always be on trend: it’s here to stay. It’s the coffeeshops though that have leveled up. Apart from being a place to chill and relax, coffeeshops must also become a place to take beautiful photos! And so, it’s not enough to have good coffee and delicious cakes and pastries, it’s also a must to have something new, something pretty, something extraordinary in the interiors. A chunk of the cafe’s budget must go to the fit-out to fit in to what’s wanted by the milennials: something hip, cool, unique. Something worthy to post on Instagram accounts.

Here are some of the newest cafés in Riyadh that fit the “Insta-worthy” bill, in our humble opinions. Our choices are of course mainly based on aesthetics and has nothing to do with the taste of their coffee… because we haven’t tried them. Photos below come from the café’s Instagram accounts.

1. Pandemic Coffeeshop (@pandemiccoffee)

An eclectic and fun atmosphere, that’s what Pandemic creates. Just by looking at their door, you’ll already feel like you’re entering a adventure. They have deer sculptures and a tree bearing pink leaves in the middle. Also swings if you like. Although drinking coffee in a swing might prove to be a problem, haha.

6:00 PM – 3:00 AM

2. Booze Specialty Coffee Bar (@boozecoffee)

Booze and bar, now those are things we don’t really get to see in this city. But in this coffeeshop, they took the interiors of a bar, including marble tops and pin lights, to create a special elegant ambiance. Surprisingly, it has a comfy yet energetic atmosphere.

4:00 PM – 12:00 AM

3. LESS (@less.ksa)

Less is true to its name. There’s less items in the coffeeshop so your focus is on the coffee. However, the wide spaces and well-thought of furniture makes for a nice photo. The blank walls can be backdrops and the furniture can coffee can go together for a nice “emo” or thought-provoking pose. Why not?

6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

4. My Life Coffee (@mylifecoffee.ksa)

It’s your typical coffeeshop but with its white and black and steel interiors, My Life Coffee looks like a promising place to chill and enjoy with your friends. There’s a lot going on in their coffee making area but the sounds lend an energetic vibe to the whole space.

6:30 AM – 12:30 AM

5. Third Café (@thirdcafe_sa)

It’s one of those cafés that looks modern and stylish but has more of a homey vibe inside because of its plush seating and wooden tables. Looking at the photos, it reminded me of a posh school library. It’s picturesque!

7:30 – 2:00 AM

6. The Bench (

This coffeeshop has of course, a lot of benches! Most of the inside touches are made of beige wood with fabric hanging in between. The concrete are speckled with different colored stones. I can imagine sitting in that bench, with coffee in hand, and taking a photo. What more can best describe the café? Haha.

6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

7. Hex Café (@hexcafe)

A touch of gold, a touch of glass and a touch of marble make a very compelling photo. It’s subtle in its elegance and very appealing to the eyes. This is the charm of Hex Cafe. Small but oh so delicate. Love the hourglass in some tables too.

8:00 PM – 2:30 AM

There you go! What are you waiting for? Flat lay away!

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