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The sale season is getting started once again and SACO – the store that has everything for everyone – is leading the way with the launch of their Mega Sale promo. To the uninitiated, SACO is the premier home improvement superstore in Saudi Arabia. Through the years, they have expanded their retail to household items, sports equipment, electrical appliances and more recently, their own mobile and technology section. But I for one go there for their kitchenware and home décor items.

Having said that, here are our picks from this season’s Mega Sale at SACO:

Air Fryer

Love fried chicken but not loving high cholesterol? Thankfully, air fryers were invented. These devices allow for healthier cooking options with at about 80% less fat. Using air fryers, especially this one from the Philips Viva Collection make for a hassle-free cooking experience that gives your dishes that crispy and crunchy result without all the oil (and smell) of frying in the kitchen.

WAS: 679 SAR NOW: 407

Dinner Set

It’s always been my dream to entertain a small group of people in my home. If you’re like me, then you’d know that finding a presentable dinner set is key in setting the tone. Fortunately, you don’t need to splurge too much on fancy tableware and stick with the classic white china. The 16-piece dinner set is good for a table of four – with dinner plates, soup bowls, dessert plates and coffee mugs.

WAS: 69.75 SAR NOW: 45.25

OKKA Coffee Machine

Now if you haven’t tried Turkish coffee, I recommend that you do. Experience that Levantine brew in the comforts of your own home with the OKKA Coffee Machine that does away with the manual preparation of Turkish coffee, and in fact, the machine’s design and functionality has been internationally renowned by the Red Dot and Plus X Design Awards.

WAS: 999 SAR NOW: 699

Recliner Chair

In all honesty, the recliner chairs in SACO are one of my favorites and I never leave the store without at least trying one myself. At their current promotional price, I am very tempted to get one already but…it would also mean I have to get one for my husband too! Their designs and sizes vary to your preference, but my eyes are locked on this dark red one. #wishlist

WAS: 899 SAR NOW: 584 SAR

Memory Foam Prayer Mat

I may not be a user of this product in particular, but I find it very interesting that they have found ways to make a prayer mat more comfortable with the use of memory foam. For something that Muslims use multiple times a day, this technology can be beneficial to those struggle with joint pains during prayer and its extra thickness can also help avoid slips.

WAS: 129.75 NOW: 89.75

This promo is ongoing until November 16, 2019 in all branches of SACO in KSA.


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