Dazzling Doughnuts in Riyadh

When we think of doughnuts, our options will always include Dunkin, Krispy Kreme and House of Donuts. But donuts are no longer simple donuts in our vocabulary. Sure it started as simple as “doughnuts are deep fried from a flour dough, typically either ring-shaped or a number of shapes without a hole, often filled.” From simple toppings and fillings, they have evolved to bigger, more elaborate sweet snacks and we’re here for innovation and creativity especially when it comes to a staple food that we grew up eating and savoring. This fancy doughnut trend has a caveat though: they’re expensive.

Imagine spending more than SR 10 for a piece of donut. We definitely balked at it but we couldn’t also stop ourselves from being curious. How come this donut is so expensive? What made them rack up this price tag? What made them unique and complex? Is there evn something different to them? These questions made us spend over SR 200 for a box of doughnuts last year. We know right, curiosity have killed our wallets a dozen or more times in the past. Fine, until now.

Here’s the list of fancy doughnut shops in Riyadh:


This fancy shmancy donut shop has quirky donuts that’s the size of a palm. One can be quite hefty and filling already. We’re smitten with the looks and the names of these high-rising doughnuts that on our first purchase, we spent more than SR 200 for a box. They’re fluffy and delicious and of course, sweet and decadent but OMG a piece starts at SR 12. Most of their filled and topped donuts go for SR 18 each! Pricey yeah. That’s already 2-3 pieces in other doughnut shops. Their savory ones even go as high as SR 25 a piece! These doughnuts have a bread-like consistency. They’re puffy; a bit crisp on the outside and bubbly in the inside. Some kinds have a cake-like batter which is denser. Either way, one Glaze doughnut is meant to be shared.

My favorite is Beach Bum which has a soft bread and not-so-sweet custard cream filling; it has a crust of caramelized sugar which provides texture and crunch. Reina’s fave is the OG which is basically that: their original simplest donut. The store is now accepting customized donuts but it needs 36 hours notice.

Glaze Donut Boutique
Hours: 10:00 AM – 12:00 MN
Contact: +966112149994
IG: https://www.instagram.com/glazedonuts.sa



Minyums is a donut shop and café in The Boulevard (the original, not the Riyadh Season venue). I was excited seeing the photos in Instagram; it was as fun and colorful in reality with splashes of art in the walls and quotes on the floor. Their self-service machine is also nice; just needs a bit of getting used to. They are specializing in sweet and savory donuts. The savory ones got my attention.
When it comes to the donuts and drinks, I was a bit disappointed. They were expensive for what they are. The Cheese & Steak Donut was a simple donut with pieces of dry, hard meat in the center and a cheese square plopped on top. How can this be SR 20? We were promised a “surprise” with their Dreamy Donut but it was just a donut with ice cream on top. Again at SR 20. Whyyy? I think my main concern was the donut itself. If it’s nothing spectacular, no matter what filling or topping you put into it, it will not make it extraordinary. I haven’t gone back to check their new flavors.

Hours: 7:00 AM – 12:00 MN
Contact: +966112352777
IG: https://www.instagram.com/minyums.sa



Captain Hanson is named after the sailor who “invented” the round donut with a hole in the middle, Captain Hanson Gregory. This donut shop has been opened for months now and it has been off our radar. I just chanced upon it when I was scrolling through Jahez list of restos (my new hobby during the quarantine period).

Captain Hanson’s donuts are brioche baked fresh every day. Their donuts are huge compared to the usuals but it should be when we take into consideration its price. They were at SR 12 a piece. Yes, *shocking*. But wait, nowadays, prices start at SR 14! (Hello, 15% VAT!). Anyway, each donut is good for 2 people who are not that hungry and just looking for a quick sweet snack. The donuts are more like fluffy round bread with decadent toppings like salted caramel, chocolate dusted with gold (eto nagpamahal dyan eh ?) and melted marshmallow (this one I like best). Is it a must to have this? No. For your quick donut fix, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives. If you must try it though, go for the Famed Alaska which has the torched mallow whip on top. The Amarena is the flavored version of the Flamed Alaska.

Captain Hanson
Hours: 9:00 AM – 12:00 MN
Contact: +966571847000
IG: https://www.instagram.com/capt.hanson



These donut stores are also available in delivery apps in Riyadh. You can check them at Jahez, Hunger Station, etc.

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