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We’ve been doing The Pink Tarha for 13 years now but the main question that has always been asked, “What can you do in Riyadh?” Still. Wala talagang magawa sa Riyadh maliban sa mag-shopping at kumain. Haha. Through the years, we’ve suggested a lot of activities already (here, here, and here) but of course, kulang pa rin (but they’re not enough). We can’t blame you though. Some activity centers do not last long, or prices for these activities are expensive, or kakatamad lang talaga lumabas especially when it’s the peak of summer (ang init!). But if you eventually get into it, here are some *new* activities in Riyadh that you might want to consider. *New* with asterisks because they’re just new to us. They might be around for some time and we just didn’t know it.

Got some really strong feelings you want to get off your chest? Time for SMASH TIME! Feel free to break things according to your will. Hindi magagalit si mama. Haha. In this activity center, you are free to break things using tools or just thrown them on the wall with your might. Up to you to release your pent-up emotions and smash wild. Choose from three packages: Basic (30-50 minutes in a room with electronics, glass, etc.) / Combo (basic + one side activity) / Triple (All Smash activities). Protective clothing and gear provided. 

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Who knew about padel tennis? Apparently, it is a thing nowadays! Padel is a racket sport and typically played in doubles in an enclosed court that is 25% smaller than the normal tennis court. Scoring and rules are the same as regular tennis. So are you up for some padeling? There are quite a few padel places and clubs in Riyadh that you can check out:

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Photo from instagram.com/padelin_ksa
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Photo from instagram.com/padelmasters.sa
Photo from instagram.com/padelchamp.sa

Welcome to the newest roller skating rink in Riyadh, TEEN’S AREA (spelled TOON’S in their Google Map, anuvah?)! Tie those laces and go back in time to summers where roller skating was your go-to recreational activity to have some fun outdoors. Or, bring your kids here so you can teach them the art of roller skating. If you haven’t skated for some time, you’ll probably fall but just like in life, you’ll surely stand up again and roll with the punches. Other activities include trampoline (SR 55, 30 minutes) and laser tag (SR 65, 22 minutes).Private booking for the whole place is available for SR 3,500 to SR 18,000.

Photo from instagram.com/teens_ksa

We get it, we’re not as strong and flexi like before. Inuugatan na tayo sa Saudi, guys! Haha. However, there are a lot of fitness options in Riyadh. One of them is BOXX, a gym or fitness center that focuses on boxing, full body workout, and pilates in one venue! Gusto mo manuntok pero syempre bawal? Let out your frustrations in the boxing bag instead. Come in strong, come out stronger!

Photo from instagram.com/boxx.sa

Speaking of fitness, SANDS RIYADH is taking it to another level. Their yoga classes are done in a sand room. Yes, like real sand? Sand in the beaches sand. They believe in the power of sand to strengthen secondary muscles, reduce pressure on joints, and pulling negative energy. If you want to try this unique platform, the Sands Studio Gym is your place to be. They also have padeling and boxing.

Anything caught your fancy? Don’t tell us walang magawa sa Riyadh!

Okay, we’re currently scouring the city for *free* activities.

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