The Drinks You Need Right Now

Or maybe not, because they’re expensive and you don’t want to drown your feelings with pricey drinks and drown in debt as an aftermath. Or maybe you want to splurge? We don’t know, but here are the drinks we encountered in Riyadh that made us go question our life decisions.

When dining in luxury restaurants, do you also order mocktails? Once in a while, we do and then we question ourselves why we do that. Most of the time, we resort to water and sodas because even though they’re expensive compared to just buying them in the bakala, mocktails are more expensive. We get it, it’s all about the ingredients, the skill and talent that comes in making them, the creativity, the presentation and all. But why are they more expensive than what we’re eating? Haha. We admit, it’s fun to try them and the vibe they give… it’s like drinking in a swanky bar. So here’s some elegant, sophisticated, creative mocktails in some of Riyadh’s most luxurious restaurants that you might want to try.

OKKU Takao Calling, SR 53 / Made of raspberry, grapefruit, vanilla syrup, yuzu, lime, soda, edible glitter

Award-winning drink Tacao Calling of Okku

OKKU Suika, SR 62 / Made of mixed berries puree, almond syrup, watermelon juice, lime, sparkling white grape (Okku’s award-winning mocktail)

Suika by Okku
  • CUISINE: Japanese

MERAKI Ikaria, SR 65 / Made of botan, strawberry sauce, basil, rose wine

That bubble is surely entertaining

MERAKI Lindos, SR 55 / Made of botan juniper garden with wild basil and elderflower topped with lime and yuzu soda with sea salt caviar foam

Now that’s pretty
  • RESTAURANT: Meraki
  • CUISINE: Greek/Meditteranean

ROKA Pineapple Shogun, SR 50 / Made of pineapple, charred agave, ginger, citrus blend, yukari

It’s the vessel for me

ROKA White Lotus, SR 60 / Made of dragon fruit, lychee, strawberry, yuzu

What a dainty drink
  • CUISINE: Japanese

KOI Passion Delight, SR 45 / Made of passion fruit puree, fresh mango juice, lemon topped with fresh orange juice

One orangey drink
  • CUISINE: Japanese/Peruvian

AZURE Alhambra Fizz, SR 50 / Made of pineapple juice, pine haze, orange, soda water

The smoke came from a bubble that already popped
  • CUISINE: Spanish

What’s the most expensive drink or mocktail you’ve tried in Riyadh?

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