Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day 2022

Happy father’s day to all the father, daddy, papa, tatay, and baba! And also to all who are doing the role of being a father in their families. You are our pillars, the rocks, the strength for our family and you deserve the best of the very best! Here are some ways on how to celebrate Father’s Day this year. Treat your fathers this time around to activities and restaurants that they will love. It’s important to just have fun today and don’t stress out your dads. Kayo na dapat bahala muna!

  1. VISIT THE BOULEVARD RUH CITY. Walang kasawa-sawa! Haha. If you don’t know where to treat your fathers, then go to the BLVD RUH CITY where entrance is free (so far) and where activities abound.

If you don’t know what to do, just walk around a bit, check out the sights, and take lots of photos. Eat in one of the restaurants in the area or do the following activities:

BLVD RUH CITY is the place to be.

CRYSTAL MAZE will test your skills and wit. If you’re a member of a pretty big family, round up your parents and siblings and have a knack of this immersive, interactive game!

Can you escape the maze?

MASAMEER EXPERIENCE is a ride that will probably shock your father but it will be thrilling and interesting; there will be visual and sensory effects! It will be fun to experience this together as a family.

A thrilling ride for the family!

2. WATCH A MOVIE in not just a regular cinema but the BOUTIQUE CINEMAS of MUVI. Ticket is now just SR 55 (from the original SR 85)! Choose from four different thematic and immersive screening halls: Library, Paparazzi, London, or Beverly Hills in Tala Mall and inside the BLVD RUH CITY. They also serve delicious food and drinks to complete your cinematic experience.

Which setting will you choose?

3. ENJOY A BUY ONE GET ONE DINNER at PIATTO. Piatto Restaurant is introducing BOUNA SUNDAYS in their restaurants where selected dishes are BOGO! Perfect for a wonderful dinner with the family this Father’s Day! Only available dine-in. They also have other weekday offers which you can check out here:

SOme of our fave dishes are BOGO at Piatto’s Buona Sundays!

4. If bowling is up your old man’s alley, spare some time to HEAD TO YALLA! BOWLING at VOX CINEMAS! You can now play and enjoy a game of bowling with a combo of Salted Popcorn and Soft Drink for SR 59 only!

Spare some time to get a strike!

5. MAKE IT A STEAK NIGHT! We all know what men loves! They love their meat and of course, steak houses and unli Korean bbq are their go-to restaurants. We have tried a lot of steak houses and also bbq restaurants and here are our suggestions (the Bitly links will take you to our TPT-tried reviews of the restos in our Facebook page):

So many meat options in Riyadh!

6. On a budget? GO TO A TAMIMI SUPERMARKET and SCORE 25% OFF on all Starbucks drinks available at the Tamimi Cafe carts. Treat your dad with a cup of joe and enjoy conversations with your best man.

Tamimi Starbucks Carts are celebrating Father’s Day with a discount on their drinks!
  • DATE: June 18-19, 2022
  • LOCATION: Tamimi Supermarkets (with Starbucks Carts inside)

7. More on a budget option? GIVE A BOX OF KRISPY KREME FATHER’S DAY-THEMED DONUTS! These cute doughnuts will surely delight your father (and the whole family)! Except na lang kung diabetic sila. Good for dessert after a huge father’s day meal.

Too sweet to pass up!
  • WHERE: Available in their stores and delivery app

8. SERVE CAKE! And not just any other cake but a father’s day themed cake! Here are some selections we recommed:

Chunk x The Chfez Father’s Day cake collab
  • WHAT: CHUNK x THE CHEFZ Father’s Day Cake
  • DATE: Available until June 20, 2022
  • PRICE: SR 290
  • WHERE: Exclusive at the Chunk app and The Chefz app.
They look like Korean cakes.
  • WHAT: MARBLE SLAB KSA Cute Father’s Day Cakes
  • DATE: June 19, 2022
  • PRICE: SR 75 (mini)
  • WHERE: Delivery via 920011480
For the heroes of our lives!
  • WHAT: HELEN’S BAKERY Special Edition Cakes
  • DATE: June 19, 2022
  • PRICE: Varies
  • WHERE: All branches and via delivery apps


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