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We received a request in doing a list of activities and events in Jeddah, the same kind of list we’re doing for Riyadh. It will be a bit of difficult for us because The Pink Tarha is based in Riyadh and we don’t really keep up with what’s going on with Jeddah or other parts of Saudi Arabia as much as we do for the capital city. However, we can certainly do research for our readers in Jeddah (and the Mecca region) if it will help you live your life to fullest in the Western region. We’re all for supporting your gastadora tendencies, haha.

Okay, so of course, JEDDAH SEASON is the biggest happening in Jeddah right now. We’re just bummed that it’s just 2 months at most and will be ending soon without us even seeing any of the zones in person. We wish we can go to see these zones but alas! Life in Riyadh happens and we couldn’t (penge budget lols). We had fun seeing photos from various events though. If you need a primer, you can check out this article written by our good friend, Aevan Caro, for a magazine we are also contributing in, DQ LIVING. You can read everything you need to know about the Jeddah Season HERE.

What’s not mentioned there (because it was just announced this week) is the biggest K-POP FESTIVAL happening next weekend (starting June 30): SARANGHAE KSA featuring various Korean pop artists performing for 3 days. It’s also not just music, the festival will feature Korean culture, food, and beverage. Even merchandise! So for K-pop fans, you shouldn’t miss this.

Annyeong! Who’s into K-Pop?

Want to go to the beach pero sawa na sa Obhur? Why not join a trip to BAYADA ISLAND by ANSAM JEDDAH? Do you even know Jeddah has this island? You’ll be spending half of the day at a boat cruise going to the “Maldives of Saudi Arabia” and once there, enjoy swimming, sunbathing and water activities. The package includes the speed boat ride, various snacks and drinks, and breakfast. Check their Instagram for the schedule of their trips.

Photo from instagram.com/ansam.jeddah/
  • DATE: Dates vary. Check their Instagram to be updated.
  • TIMINGS: 7:00 AM – 12:00 NN
  • FEE: SR 340 per person (SR 299 per person when you are a group of 4)
  • MORE INFO: https://www.instagram.com/ansam.jeddah/

Here’s a reminder to Jeddawis that you actually have these classic places you can go to if you’re looking for family-friendly activities in your city. Yes, we don’t have these in Riyadh so go and enjoy it in your city and bond with your kids.

FAKIEH PLANETARIUM is a digital planetarium that inspires the young to continue learning. The planetarium has a spherical screen and the latest digital technology that transports watchers to realistic representations of alternative environments. This immersive experience brings subjects to life. Planetariums were one of the first places that awed me when I was younger (many eons ago haha).

Photo from instagram.com/fakiehaquariumjed

FAKIEH AQUARIUM is the only aquarium in Saudi Arabia that is open for the public. It shows the wonders of the Red Sea and also information on other seas and oceans in the world. Its collection marine life includes sharks, sting rays, and sea horses. There are also dolphin and sea lion shows every day.

Photo from instagram.com/fakieh_planetarium

ALSHALLAL THEME PARK is a 600,000 sqm amusement park in Jeddah. It underwent major renovations with the aim to become “the best amusement park in KSA”. I mean, it doesn’t have a lot of competition. Haha. Notable rides include a roller coaster and the new Sling Shot. The park also has an ice skating rink and a lake where you can go boating. It has Chinese and Lebanese restaurants for food options.

Photo from instagram.com/shallalpark

Jeddah has a lot of iconic landmarks that you can see while visiting the “bride of the Red Sea”. You shouldn’t miss the following:

KING FAHD’S FOUNTAIN is one of the iconic landmarks of Jeddah (it’s known as JEDDAH FOUNTAIN too). That’s like Kingdom Tower in Riyadh: you haven’t been to the place if you haven’t seen it. Even from afar, you’ll see this tallest fountain of its kind in the world; listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest water fountain in the world. Saltwater from the Red Sea is blasted to the air at a maximum height of 800 feet at a speed of 233 miles per hour.

Photo from instagram.com/visitsaudi

THE JEDDAH FLAGPOLE is considered to be the world’s tallest unsupported flagpole. Ayaw talaga patalo sa tallest eh no? Haha. Btw, did you know that Jeddah has around 30 records in Guinness? Yes, competitive much? Why not? Anyway, the flagpole carrying the Saudi flag sits in the middle of the King Abdullah Square and can be seen in various spots in the city.

Photo from instagram.com/arabnews

Also, there are various ROUNDABOUTS in the city that you should be able to see while going out and about Jeddah. Some of the notable ones are:

Photo of the Camel Roundabout from instagram.com/saudiarabia

Of course, you can’t go to Jeddah without visiting the historical district of AL BALAD. Although, we’re kind of guilty with this; we’ve been to Jeddah a few times already without seeing and exploring Al Balad. We have excuses some where but you don’t have to emulate us. You should definitely check what was once known as “the beating heart of Jeddah.” The World Heritage Site boasts of traditional buildings constructed with coral stones and decorated with intricate latticed windows. It has a fascinating history and there are a lot of areas you should see like the Baeshen House, Bait Nassif, Masjid Shaffie and more. AL BALAD is also currently a zone in Jeddah Season; check out the events and activities in the place while you’re at it.

Photo from instagram.com/visitsaudi
  • LOCATION: https://goo.gl/maps/gskG2XNmLA45FQhM7

For the beaches of Jeddah, we need to have another post. So stay tuned for that, and if we forget, remind us. Thank you!

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