Riyadh In A Week (July 28 – August 4, 2022)

Honestly, apart from the ongoing Gamers 8 event happening at the Riyadh Boulevard, walang masyadong ganap sa Riyadh ngayon. Understandbly because of the weather. Who wants to go out in this heat? And so, we turn online and what do we see? SALE, of course. Kung san tayo talaga magaling. Haha. Also, payday weekend right? Here are the list of online sales we think are worth checking out. Just a disclaimer, we are not being paid to post about these brands. We just like scouring the net for deals and then share them in our platforms.

I will stop at 12 websites because the more I search, the more I get distracted from writing the post. Napapatingin na rin ako sa mga sale eh and the browsing will go on and on and on! Anyway, here’s a recap also of the ganaps in The Pink Tarha page last week.

Remember PIZZA COMPANY? They renovated their restaurant in Hayat Mall and we visited to taste their bestselling Seafood Supreme pizza. Our favorite from them though is their Chicken Wings (must-try!). We also tried the trendy DOH! DONUTS that has seen lines ever since it opened. Not worth lining up for; donuts are okay but we will not line up for them again. Did we mention we found fluffy, soft Japanese souffle pancakes in Riyadh? It’s at ARAM CAFÉ. They’re sooo good! It’s like eating clouds (not that we have eaten real clouds, just the imagination of it haha), or marshmallows or mallow buttercream frosting, or cotton candy, or simply air. Only sweet. On a stylish spectrum, we also dined in VOGUE CAFÉ, truly fashion and food can go together. Have you tried the sourdough burgers of GUNBUN? You should for a unique sandwich and their black tacos are also delicious. On a budget but want to eat a lot? Revisit BUD’S ROAD DINER for their unli wings and salad combined with a main course from burgers to pasta to sandwiches to steaks. Want some Asian food like Katsudon and Gyudon? Head on over to EBEN EZAR from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM for these Japanese dishes complete with soup. Another pizza option is ZOE CUCINA ITALIANA but they’re on the high-end side; nice interiors though. Have coffee in wonderland: ALICE AND WONDERLAND CAFÉ. And finally, beat the summer with some ice cream from LA ROMANA DAL 1947! Their gelatos are whipped good and you’ll be whipped for them too.

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Have a great week ahead!

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