To Our Dear TPT Fab Fam.

Our Facebook page, The Pink Tarha, has been removed by Facebook over false trademark infringement reports. The page was a target of malicious attacks over the past few days before this happened. Over 13 years of hard work on posting credible information and original content was removed in an instant.

We couldn’t even contest the reports before Facebook removed the page. We are in the process of appealing but who knows how many days, weeks, months… or even forever will that take? Please, if you or you know anyone who can help us in this regard, let us know. It’s been a few days since we sent our reports and appeals but until now, no word from Facebook.

We are not only sad but also disheartened with this turn of event. The Pink Tarha has been helping a lot of people, not only in Saudi Arabia, but other countries as well to be updated and in the loop with the happenings here. God knows we tried our best to do the right thing every time we post: research and verify before publishing advisories and news, create our own original content, go to places and stores to get our own photos, abide by rules and guidelines, and more. Our reputation for credibility and originality is known. We are pioneer bloggers in Saudi Arabia and have been blogging since 2009. If that doesn’t mean anything to Facebook, at least our readers know.

No matter how disheartened and heartbroken we are of the thought of losing The Pink Tarha’s original Facebook page, we are not stopping. We will go on! While waiting for Facebook’s reply (hopefully, they do), please follow our Instagram account: and this website:

Even if this challenge is making us angry and frustrated, it’s also all the more driving us to do more and do better. Because even if we only have 1 or 100,000 followers, The Pink Tarha will always be about PURPOSE OVER POPULARITY.

If you’ve made it to this part and you end up continuing to support us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

XOXO, Janelle and Reina

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