SOMA: Riyadh’s Dependable Sushi Bar

We’ve been stressed out lately over the removal or deletion of our Facebook page. We still don’t know what, how, and why it happened. We have not receive any reply or message or email from Facebook despite our efforts to get in touch with anyone from them. We’re not expecting someone to care over there as they are amassing billions of money with our without The Pink Tarha FB page existing. Sino ba naman kami?! But The Pink Tarha is not a “lang” to us; it has been our hard work, passion, and dedication for the last couple of YEARS. Over a decade! And for it to be gone in an instant is a shock. It’s very painful. It’s heartbreaking. We are still keeping the faith; that one of these days, we’ll have The Pink Tarha Facebook page back, along with our credible and original content and over 170K organic readers and followers. For now, we will just have to go on and drown our sorrow with food. Because we believe that good food makes the world a better place. Most importantly. it lifts our mood.

SOMA SUSHI BAR in Uthman Bin Affan Road

One dependable Japanese restaurant we always go to is SOMA SUSHI BAR. We’ve eaten there so many times we’ve been given a 15% off discount to be shared to our readers already. Haha. Chef Roman is a friend from his former restaurant days. Chef Roman Miah has over 18 years of culinary experience and has been ranked as the best Japanese chef in Saudi Arabia at the HORECA 2015. He became the head of Soma since its opening and he’s been gracious enough to inform us whenever there’s something new in the restaurant. Soma Sushi Bar is located near the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. The restaurant, established in 2021, has a few tables and chairs and a sushi bar. It’s warm and cozy and just over all feel good dining place. The staff are always friendly and attentive and last night, they gave us very uplifting words regarding the loss of TPT FB page. I didn’t expect their love and support and their belief in us; I was getting teary-eyed because of their sincerity. (Thank you so much, Soma staff!)

SOMA Mix Tempura (SR 55)

We’ve probably memorized Soma’s menu already; we have our favorites. Mine would have to be their Mix Tempura (SR 55). There’s just something about the crunch and crisp of the batter that kept me wanting for more. The breading is so right; the shrimp flavor shines through. Even the sauce is our favorite. It was the right consistency with a sweetness and savoriness that hits the spot every time.

SOMA Crab Stick Cucumber Salad (SR 28)

My friends love the Crab Stick Cucumber Salad (SR 28); it’s filled with crab sticks and the mayo is light and not overpowering the fresh ingredients.

*NEW* SOMA Shrimp Gyoza

They introduced two new food items in their menu recently and they became instant faves. They make their own Shrimp Gyoza. The fold of each gyoza is unbelievably perfect; the taste so flavorful.

*NEW* SOMA Mini Shrimp Burgers

The Mini Shrimp Burgers were also good. While the fried shrimp in the middle is crisp, it was a bit so-so. But the bun was soft and tender. I can eat the bun alone. Haha.

Beef Ramen (SR 55)

My husband is a huge fan of their Beef Ramen (SR 55). Before, they served it in a small bowl making it difficult to eat and the broth was too limited. But they changed it to a bigger bowl and so eating the ramen became easier; my husband does with so much gusto he can finish one bowl (and ask for extra broth!). The noodles are al dente, the beef tender, and the broth infused vibrantly with flavors. They also have the chicken version of their ramen. Equally good (even though my husband will fight me that it’s the beef that’s superior haha).

What’s rollin’?

When it comes to their Maki Rolls, my favorites are their Rainbow Roll (SR 50) and Volcano Roll (SR 55). Chef Roman knows his ingredients and each maki roll is just so tasty! No matter what kind, you’ll enjoy the maki rolls at Soma. It just so happens that Rainbow Roll has raw tuna and salmon and they’re my fave ingredients in my sushi. Volcano Roll has some spicy kick to it.

An array of maki rolls
My personal fave: Rainbow Roll
And Volcano Roll in the foreground

I’m not into fried stuff but you will also not go wrong with the Crazy Spider Roll, Eel Dragon Roll (SR 65), and Crazy Special Shrimp Tempura (SR 55). Their Maki Rolls come in 6 pieces per plate and are priced from SR 33 and up. So sulit! A Combo Mix Platter comprised of 24 pieces go for SR 185 while a Special Platter is SR 145… good for groups!

Cheers with our mojitos!

Soma has cold drinks too to accompany their very filling meals. Their mojito in different colors corresponding to various flavors are very refreshing on the eyes and on the tastebuds.

You know want ’em!

SOMA SUSHI BAR also serves nigiri, sashimi, hand rolls, salads, teppanyaki, wok dishes, and desserts. When you eat at SOMA, mention that you are a The Pink Tarha reader and you’ll be given 15% off your bill. This is not an affiliate code for us; we do not get anything when you use the code. We’re very thankful for Chef Roman and his team in giving us this code that we can share to our readers.

The next time you’re craving for Japanese food, SOMA is your go-to sushi bar in Riyadh.

If you’re wondering what the RIYADHIZEN by the pink tarha watermark in our photos, we are currently updating a new Facebook page: We hope you like, follow, and share it.

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