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The Editor-in-Chief speaks 7 languages: Filipino, English, Wit, Sarcasm, Truth, Creativity, and The Pink Tarha.

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The Pink Tarha SHOPS

Is there a better word than SHOPPING? We girls love to shop (an understatement) but here in Saudi Arabia, shopping for ladies is life. It’s not that we’re not...

About the Pink Tarha

It was January this year when we, four Pinay friends, ventured out into the world of blogging. Individually, we are way too different from each other but as a...

The PEBA 2011 Photo Contest Full Mechanics

Marching to the Pinoy Expats/OFWs Blog Awads 2011 theme of “home”, this year’s photography contest is about where your heart is. “Home is where the heart is…” is probably...
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