Second Place, Pinoy Expats Blog Awards 2009

Second Place, Pinoy Expats Blog Awards 2009

We dedicate our contest piece, and this blog, to our parents and all the Overseas Filipino Workers. You are our inspiration!

OFW children have different stories to tell. But whatever our stories tell about us and our families, what became of us is the main part of the story our fathers will tell to the whole world. We are the outcome of their sacrifice twenty years ago. We are the fruits of our fathers’ labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Kaming mga anak ng Saudi OFWs ang tunay na katas ng Saudi… and we hope that how we turned out was well-worth the sacrifice.

A feature on the Pink Tarha was written by former Kablogs Journal Editor-in-Chief Nebz Bandiez. Read it here -> THE PINK TARHA: Seriously, They’re Kikay!

“…even though Saudi Arabia is seen as a country of ironies, there’s a lighter side to it. The Pink Tarha is convinced that although we can’t change things, we can change our view of things.After all, even if Saudi Arabia is seen as the country for men, the PT ladies believe that “real men read pink!

We would also like to thank our readers for the good words they’ve showered this blog for the past years. Your comments are laurels in our heads. Here are some that definitely touched our hearts (and put a tear in our eyes). Touched kami sobra! 🙂

I was going to write a little parody note like “Omigod, I’m like soooo amazed at you guys, you’re like totally sick” but then I thought you might take it wrong. I will say “f’reals” that writing in this blog is topnotch – fun, witty, breezy. The writing is simply excellent and your design is awesome. Regards from Veeds of Arabia.

My day is incomplete without checking ur site daily for new things in Riyadh.

I thank Google for giving me the link to your blog. It gave me lots of tips on how to survive upon arrival to KSA. I’m Jin from Sydney and on the process of moving to the kingdom for work. Strange, I know. But thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

 Hi there! I love your blog a lot!! ^_^

Hello Pink Tarha ladies! You are doing a great work. I am jumping (in your site) from time to time although (I’m) not a Filipino. You are my favorite “minority” of Expats here! (I am an expat myself.)

You guys are lifesavers. Thanks a bunch! <3

Thank you! I’ve learned a lot from your stories. Within 2 weeks, I’ll be there in Riyadh as an OFW and I still have questions and some worries in my mind but your site made me feel excited to be in the desert!

I really enjoy reading your blog. You girls are doing a great job in showing the fun side of KSA (Riyadh).

I would really love to visit KSA! You have a lot of beautiful stories. Nice to know Saudi in a different perspective.

Wooow, that’s what I said once I discovered your blog. Ladies, you are amazing to show all interesting places here in Riyadh. I’m Saudi guy from Jeddah but working in Riyadh, even I was surprised of all thaese places here in Riyadh. You really gave a wonderful help.

Glad to have chanced upon your site. I will tell my wife about this cool site – once she gets here in Riyadh. At least while she’s getting the hang of things around here, I’m sure she’s bound to learn a lot from theposts here. Kudos!

These are just some of the kind words that inspire The Pink Tarha. Thank you very much! We hope you don’t get tired of us. 🙂

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