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Hello Riyadhizens!

The Pink Tarha is open to pretty much anything, except illegal stuff. Don’t even think of involving us in that kind of activities. Actually, you yourself shouldn’t be! Anyway, we do believe in the quality of readers we have, haha! If you have any questions or comments, sweet or otherwise (honestly, we prefer the sweet kind of comments haha!)… please do not hesitate to send us a message via the form below or through our email If you’re in a rush and your question can’t wait for one more hour, message us in our Facebook page. We will try to reply pronto!

Always remember that The Pink Tarha is here for you. Sometimes we reply a tad bit late but that doesn’t mean we’re ignoring your questions. We also have our day jobs and so we apologize. Maybe you should include a free dessert on your message and we’ll prioritize it! Hahaha! Kidding! We can pay for our desserts but if you’re talking about dinner, hmnnn that’s another matter. Haha! Kidding again. Don’t let this babble intimidate you into writing us.

Please do write! We’re expecting your message.

Good vibes always, Riyadhizens!!!

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  1. mcneil paul dimatulac Reply

    more power to the pink tarha

  2. evelyn Reply

    I like reading your blogs very informative and positive too.
    But i still having second thoughts if we will accept a VERY good offer of jobs in Riyadh. We are currently here in New Zealand.
    Is it really safe in there? will it be worthwhile if we only think about just saving for our future? considering it is tax free which is great and some other perks included. But still having 50/50.

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Evelyn, it depends on the workplace. Do you mind sharing where you got the offer? You might have some regrets during your first few months especially since you’re already in New Zealand. The environment will be so different… I mean you’re going to a desert! Weather would be different too. Haha! But as you said, if you’re after saving then it is a good place as long as you don’t splurge during sale season which is also a big thing here. Haha! Some stay for around 3-5 years just to save but others like us who have our families here stay longer. Email us at if you have more questions. 😉

  3. moiubias Reply

    Good day..

    Do you sell Organic Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar? Where is your store, am living here in Riyadh..

  4. I want to buy Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with mother you have ?where is your store ? i am staying in olaya,riyadh.

  5. Rima Reply

    Great job ?? keep going ??

  6. The previous comments asking about apple cider vinegar from this “contact us” section made my day.
    Keep up the good work!
    A follower here since 2012.
    GTG now to buy ACV. Hahahaha Ciao! Bellas!

  7. Abdulkhader Mohammed Reply

    please send your location

  8. Hi Pink Tarha, we are helping productive families in Riyadh. Recently we got Best Mobile Food Application Award from Ksa Enterprise Agility Award 2017.
    Please contact us for catering service.
    Cell: 0552714786

  9. Syed Reply

    Hello Ms,Janelle,

    Please let me know how to apply for the United States non-immigrant visa from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    If you have any agency office in Saudi Arabia. Provide us the contact details.

  10. ana Reply

    hi ms pink tarha,

    i read ur blogs about getting visa to japan at riyadh? id like to ask did u travel to japan from the philippnes? coz planning to get visa at riyadh but ticket from ph.thnks

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